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Mistakes Made Any?

I met a guy today who felt that he was unworthy to spend time in the word or come to Jesus because of his sin. I told him that there is no sin that Jesus cannot forgive. I reminded him of how much Jesus loves him. At once Jesus brought this to my mind there was this picture like a vision.. it was a story I had once told or heard.. Our Father and Jesus sitting at a table with their arms wide open and telling me to come to the table and eat… But I kept saying I need to clean myself up first. I am unworthy to come and eat with you. They didn’t seem to care and beckoned to me all the more.

Wrap your head around this if you can… We Are All Unworthy… If we had to earn God’s forgiveness, Mercy or grace we would ALL fail miserably.

Also most of us cannot change ourselves. God made us weak so we would seek and search for Him… He can change us. I believe that there are some messes that only God can clean up.

We all make mistakes

Unspoken – mistakes


Now for the main point God Loves you so much! Not because of what you’ve done… It is because he is our Creator! He loves you so much that if you were the only person he would have still sent His only son to die just for you, so that you could be with Him forever in Heaven. If you don’t believe me, check out this video!


I had just messed up the previous day and had prayed for God to help me to not to dwell on my failures, but to look to the opportunities of the day. He answered my prayer before I had even begun to pray. Get Up and press on! Falling down is not the problem we will all fall at one point the problem is when we don’t get back up.

Later, while I was yet dwelling again on my failures, I stumbled upon the below Video


Be encouraged Don’t give up. He will require you to never give up. Look up… If you can look up then you can Get Up!

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